Casual Staffing made easy

Meet Alseasons Casuals-  a winning team of the most immaculate bar and waitstaff,
talented chefs, energetic kitchen assistants and porters in Sydney, all on-call and
available whenever extra hands are needed.

Beginning with expert staff selection, Alseasons sources bartenders, corporate (Boardroom)
and restaurant waitstaff, chefs, kitchen attendants and counterhands who are chosen for
their experience, qualifications, presentation and attitude. Legendary inductions followed
by daily performance-tracking and reactive management by an experienced booking office
team gives clients of Alseasons unmatched staffing support.

Alseasons' famous Rewards Program is designed to recognise, celebrate and
promote outstanding performance in our people, with annual awards that have
included Round-World-Holidays and family holidays to international locations
including Hawaii, Bali, Singapore, Ocean Cruises, Nepal and a host of holidays
to Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania and throughout NSW.

Agency pay rates vary according to award or in the case of Chefs, industry 'going
rates'. Please use the following link for industry awards and information,
noting that these are raw hourly wage rates prior to the addition of employer's
payroll on-costs.

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