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How to construct a killer job application

Covering Letter

           Attaching a covering letter to your CV can be very powerful, but can also be very detrimental to your application. I have listed some of the most important points to make your cover letter a standout and a must read.



           Start with why you are applying for the position and state the position job title, what you liked about the advertisement and what drew you to this particular position. State what you have to offer your potential new employer. Make reference to what you like about their company.

Explain what interests you about the job.

Your goals to show how you can be useful to this particular organisation.

Describe what strengths you have to offer by showing the

relationship between your skills and experience and the position. You should also

describe your previous achievements and  how they relate to the position.



           It is paramount that you address the covering letter to the specific person as indicated in the advertisement and don’t be shy about contacting the company and getting a persons name to address the covering letter to. Also check the advertisement for any reference or job numbers that should be included. Tailor your letter and decide how casual or formal you should make your language but keep it relevant to the position applying for.



           Should be solid, use references from the advertisement and imitate the terminology the employer has used in the advertisement, make it conversational but keep to the points and facts, make sure you match your experience to the requirements for the position. List only relevant experience to the position as your CV must list all your other experience. 



           Keep the paragraphs short, always spell-check and never use slang words. Keep the letter to one page.  Avoid starting each sentence with “I” or “my” the opening paragraph should be punchy and to the point to draw the reader in. The main focus should be on the company.


Effective CV image


           Achievements both professional and personal particularity sporting achievements.  Quote one or two succinctly and colourfully remembering to keep them short. Write specifically about their products or services and what impressed you about the company.



           If there’s a closing date or special instruction make sure that you adhere to them. Missed the deadline? don’t be afraid to contact the company explain that you have only just started your search for a new position.



           Conclude by saying you look forward to discussing your career “with” enter the persons name. State how you are going to follow up to confirm that your email has been received i.e. with another email or a phone call. Sign off with Yours sincerely or Kind regards and your name.

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