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Butcher cycles in coolroom

New Workplace Safety checklist
You must complete a New Workplace Induction before commencing work on your first day at a new workplace. Request and participate in an induction with a workplace supervisor, taking note that:

  • Your duties have been clearly explained to you 

  • Potential hazards and hazard controls have been identified 

  • You are trained/experienced in the equipment you will use 

  • Personal protective equipment is provided wherever required

  • Familiarise yourself with... 

  • Hazardous chemicals/substances that you are required to use 

  • Fire, bomb and emergency evacuation procedures 

  • The location of fire blankets and correct fire extinguishers 

  • The procedure for reporting accidents, near misses or hazards 

  • The location of, and procedures for use of the first aid kit 

  • Who to report faulty or unfamiliar equipment orhazards to

  • Do not commence work if the premises are unsafe and never use faulty equipment. 


Before commencing work

Wash your hands

Check that your full uniform is worn correctly

General Work Area

  •  Do not place equipment, packaging or produce on floor 

  •  Always keep work areas and thorough fares clear 

  • Keep waste disposal unit areas clear and clean 


Using Equipment

  • Check that the equipment is in good working order 

  • Report all faulty equipment 

  • Do not use unfamiliar equipment without supervision 

  • Cover Deep fryers after use 

  • Never top up fats without permission from the supervisor 

  • Never over-fill a deep fryer 

  • Use protective equipmenteg: mesh/rubber gloves etc 

  • Use the safety shields on all equipment 


Manual handling

  • Bend at the knees 

  • Never lift above your shoulders 

  • Use a trolley or get assistance with heavy loads 


Cleaning the Work Area

  • Check that ovens and hotplates are switched off and have cooled down before cleaning 

  • Use correct cleaning products with safety glasses and gloves 

  • Place ‘wet floor’ signs and wash small sections at a time using a damp mop 

  • Switch off all electrical equipment before cleaning 

  • Do not leave knives in sinks or cover with cloths 


Before entering the premises it is important that you are wearing the correct uniform.


Full chef's uniform wit h non-slip,closed-toe shoes


KitchenStaff General
Checked or black trousers White Polo tee-Shirt

White plastic apron (kitchenhands)
Closed toe, non-slip shoes


F&B Service Staff (front of house)

Long sleeve white business shirt

Black Tailored trousers
Black waistcoat
Black long tie

Black stocking for Females/black socks for males

Polished Black closed-toe, non-slip shoes

Safety and Protective equipment

Protective gloves should be provided by the employer
Remove protruding jewellery and tie long hair back

Always wear your name badge


As you work

  • Clean your work area regularly as you go 

  • Keep knives clean and sharp 

  • Rest knife blades down at the back of the cutting board 

  • Wipe up spills, if necessary salt the spill area 

  • Use the right cloth for the right job- bacteria travels fast 

  • Do not lift heavy equipment or goods- use a trolley 

  • Stay alert at all times 



  • Ensure that the injuredperson is safe from further risk, and seek first aid or medical assistance 

  • Report all accidents and incidents 

  • Treat small cuts and burns immediately


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