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2014 July Update

After a solid start to 2014 Alseasons are looking forward to a lively 2nd half, and very excited to announce that the next phase of our eBooking App will be launched in the coming months. Excitement builds with Alseasons' eBooking App Launch Alseasons’ existing Apps already include temporary availability management, job history details and access to email copies of job bookings and payslips. In our next eBooking launch you will be able to submit your own timesheet hours online via smart phone or computer, check the timesheet hours that have been confirmed by clients and change your fixed weekly roster hours. Sunday 29 June saw our annual awards celebrated at the Aurora Hotel, Surry Hills. Great to see many new faces along with so many of our long term team members. Celebrated at Alseasons' 2013 Annual awards party (see party group above) were: 2013-14 Staff Party Award Winners: 1st place- Cayetano Barranco (chef) 2nd place- Ivan Vincente (waiter) 3rd place- Nina Skourou (catering assistant) Biggest smile- Alexandra Heckova Most popular new recruit- David Bimler Best uniform/crispest shirt- Garth Stevens Save the Day- Michael Sammit Quickest to return calls- Angela Nahas Lucky door winner - Clement Marchant Hall of Fame welcomes- Glenn Walker who, with a number of breaks, joined Alseasons in March 1994. Penny Aitken, who joined February 1995, Brenton Scott, also with a number of breaks, who joined August 1996 Paul Pengelly, who joined February 1999 Team Member of the Month for June - Margaret Gowanloch (well loved waitress wherever she goes) Team Member of the Month for July - Joshua Booker (travels anywhere, a very popular all-rounder) Client of the Month for June - Council of the Kings School Client of the Month for July - Wolper Jewish Hospital New booking office faces - Nick our new booking co-ordinator, born London UK. Lives Willoughby, a hospitality career in the UK ranging across pubs, bars and restaurants. Enjoys rugby, scuba diving and travel. Stephanie Hartin, our new Manager of First impressions - aka: Head of Reception - originally from Tamworth- I grew up in a country town, love bike riding, I love animals, travel travel. Sad to say goodbye - Our Rhondda is moving to chilly, windy, wet Melbourne, against our best advice. Rhondda takes with her the sincere best wishes of all of us at Alseasons. Weddings: Toyin is returning to Nigeria to get married to Doyin. Sadia has married also. For those of us who enjoy Facebook, please remember to Like Us and, if you feel so inclined, to Rate Us 5 Star on Facebook.

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