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2015 January Update

Wow! 2014 was a landmark year for Australia and indeed the world, bringing to mind the quote “May you live in interesting times”. 2014 was also quite a year for Alseasons, between substantial client base growth, continued support for our culture and further enhancements to our agency booking systems. Client feedback in 2014 made abundant reference to the our positive team culture - both on the job in the field and in our management office, while the need for a more streamlined timesheet/wage billing system and online bookings were raised. Team members’ feedback in 2014 identified teamwork, consistency of work, prompt wages as defining issues. Our belief is that everyone wins where there is a positive ‘I’ve got you back’ attitude, which has been demonstrated throughout 2014. e-Roster upgrade Your new e-Roster will include an additional tab for timesheet entry. On completion of each shift you will log onto your e-Roster and enter your times worked, which will be sent through for approval by the client. Clients will not receive their timesheet approval link until you have submitted your hours via e-Roster, so it’s important that you submit your hours immediately on completion of each shift. You can access your e-Roster via smartphone or computer. To allow for the physical upgrade of our e-Roster system, your e-Roster Link will be unavailable for 24 hours from 3pm Tuesday 27th January, although Alseasons’ booking office will be open as usual. Alseasons Beach Towel Giveaway We still have a limited number of Alseasons’ beach towels, so if you are into the beach this Summer, pop into our office to say hello and pick up a towel. Michele’s column We are committed to continually enhancing your experience when dealing with Alseasons. We do this by listening to feedback from our loyal clients as well as you. That feedback has led to a number of exciting initiatives at Alseasons, so watch my column for the updates. Tim’s WHS Column Two kitchen hands recently on a cleaning job thought that .. “we use the chemicals to help us clean, why don’t we mix the chemicals to help us even more.” So they set about mixing all the chemicals in the cupboard to make their cleaning easier. As expected to all but them, the chemicals combined to create a near deadly gas, resulting in the two unconscious kitchen hands being rescued just in time. Lesson: never mix chemicals or use unfamiliar equipment. Team Member of the month Angela Greenless was our Employee of the Month for December because she’s a delight to deal with, never says no & our clients love her!

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