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On-line Timesheets After a bumpy start, we’re receiving lots of positive feedback for the new version of our on-line timesheets. If you are having any issues with either the timesheets or your e-Roster, please call our booking office. Michele’s Column Wow, what a great start to 2015! Of particular note is the increase in corporate, stadium-based events, hotels and schools/colleges. Schools, colleges and aged care venues all require a current Working With Children check, so don’t miss out of this work - apply now. We’re gearing up for a busy season ahead, so remember that the quickest and most effective way to promote your availability for work is via your e-Roster. Tim’s WHS Corner A word on Kitchen Hygiene Kitchen Hygiene is crucial when producing safe food and preventing the spread of illness among staff and customers. Below are some reminders when working in the kitchen. • To avoid contamination, kitchen staff must arrive in plain clothes and change into a clean uniform on site. • Hands must be washed when entering the kitchen, when coming into contact with food and when changing gloves. • Keep your work area tidy and uncluttered as you go. • Raw meat, poultry, fish, eggs and many other raw foods are the most common sources of germs, but they can easily cross-contaminate other foods. After handling these foods, always wash your hands, utensils and surfaces thoroughly before you touch anything else. • Rubbish and Waste must be regularly removed from the kitchen. • Common areas such as taps, doorknobs and tables (including dining rooms) must be disinfected frequently. If you have any queries about kitchen hygiene or workplace health and safety please contact the Alseasons office team, we are always happy to take feedback or provide advice.

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