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Restaurant & Catering Product Supplier of the year

Members of Alseasons' management team celebrate winning the NSW Product Supplier of 2017 at Luna Park Savour Annual Awards presentation dinner on 18 September.

Managing Director Audrey Wynn tells how a great team, a culture of customer care and a Can-Do attitude plays such an important role in Alseasons' success.

Work-life Balance

At Alseasons we believe in the importance of work/life balance.

In today’s fast paced world, the ability to achieve work/life balance is becoming more and more difficult. Balancing a work-load, family and social commitments and studies can be a challenge, but can be achieved.

The Alseasons eRoster app helps us to do that, with the flexibility of updating your availability instantly, by entering the times when you are not available to work, advising you of jobs where clients request you, and making timesheet entry online, combined that with work when you want to work makes Alseasons an agency of choice

No job market slow down at Alseasons The slow job months of June, July and August are now just a memory, and with new clients such as the International Convention Centre and David Jones on board Alseasons is already enjoying massive increases in jobs available for our team. so get ready for an even busier lead up to Christmas as every week is getting busier and busier.

Break-times It is the policy and terms of working for Alseasons that you take a break according to the award that you are employed under; for example working under the hospitality award, you must take a break after 6 hours, or in a restaurant a break after 5 hours. When you receive your job details it clearly advises when you should take a break. By not taking a break you intervene the Alseasons WHS and OHS policy. When on a job please approach your supervisor/manager to confirm that you will be taking your break according the instructions on your eRoster.

Recruitment With no signs of slowing down as September is the start of our "Silly Season" and only 16 weeks before Christmas, we are recruiting like mad. So if you know anyone that would like to join Alseasons then this is the prefect opportunity to invite them to come on board. It’s always great fun working with family and friends.

Top Jobs Keep an eye out for our Hot Job emails. We have some fantastic full-time jobs as well as casual assignments in some of Australia’s prime locations offering accommodation, travel allowance, meals and fabulous locations.

Change to uniforms for our Kitchen Hands We are slowly introducing black trousers for our kitchen hands, replacing the traditional checked pants. Please do not replace your checked pants with ‘Black Jeans” as these will not be accepted on any job. Purchase direct from Mr Hospitality or Alseasons

Facebook Our facebook page has been enjoying excellent traction, so please help us lift our facebook rating to 5 Stars, by placing a positive comment and ‘like us’ - we would really appreciate your support.

Up-skilling Increase your employability and income by attending one of our in-house up-skilling workshops. Broaden your F&B skills or get up-skilled for Boardroom Attendant or Barista jobs, which pays higher rates. You will be required to attend in full uniform but it is truly worth it.

Not so new faces Over the past year we have had some changes to our staff in the office welcoming Gee, Laura, Julia, and Elyse on front desk, but don’t wait for the next staff party, pop-in and say “howdy”.

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