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April/May 2018 Update

Coffee turned into a testimonial

I was having a coffee with Clare, one of our team members, and I was quite taken back with some of her comments about Alseasons. So I thought I would share them with you in point form.

Clare said that:

  • Our office team are the friendliest people and make her really feel part of Alseasons.

  • The team handpick her jobs, knows what she likes and dislikes and gives her lots of regular shifts.

  • She worked for 2 years in her last job and not once did they give her any feedback so she never knew how she was preforming, “I love getting instant feedback from Alseasons”

  • She loves the idea of an annual rewards party to celebrate the great performers.

  • She joined Alseasons between jobs and that was 3 years ago.

  • “Working for Alseasons is like starting a new job every day - the clients are so nice to me”

  • She appreciates that she gets paid each week on time.

  • Her SGL is paid monthly so she gets interest on her super straight away.

  • “The eRoster has all my job details and I can accept jobs online and review my payslip and past jobs and change my availability instantly, great APP”

Thank you Clare for allowing me to share your comments with the rest of Alseasons.

Audrey Wynn

F&B Workshops

Alseasons holds weekly workshops for both Food and Beverage Boardroom skills, held in our office and hosted by the amazing Gee. Days and time vary each week so I’m sure we can get you booked in to attend at your convenience. By attending these workshops you will up-skill yourself and therefore create more work opportunities. Pictured above our recent workshop attendees, all smiles and holding their completion certificates.


Vivid is an annual outdoor lighting festival with immersive light installations and projections in Sydney. This year they are celebrating their 10 years. AND the best news is that we have work right in the heart of the action, so please call and get booked on to fabulous job.

Boardroom Waiters

Barangaroo is the new number one address for top corporations and Alseasons has secured five new clients in this great precinct and we require an additional 20 plus more boardroom waiters. Please spread the word to your friends and colleagues that we are recruiting now.

Changes to Superannuation

Here are some of the changes to superannuation were announced in the Federal Budget on 8 May 2018. These super changes are not yet law but it is well worth considering how your plans might be affected. The proposed changes include:


A cap on admin and investment fees on low balance super accounts (with less than $6,000) at 3% to prevent low super balances from being eroded by fees. This may see fees reduce for some fund members.

A ban on all super fund exit fees. According to APRA, super members lost approximately $52m in exit fees in 2016/17.


Insurance within super to be opt-in rather than default for members under 25, members with balances of less than $6,000 and members whose accounts have not received a contribution in 13 months and are inactive. A number of Industry Super Funds have already taken steps to change insurance coverage for younger members. It will be important to ensure no workers are left without insurance, such as new entrants to the workforce, women on extended maternity leave or low balance workers in high risk jobs. This change is likely to impact the insurance arrangements within super and is proposed to take effect from 1 July 2019.


All super accounts that have not received a contribution for 13 months, with balances below $6,000, to be classified as inactive and transferred to the ATO and for the ATO to attempt to proactively reunite those accounts with a member’s active account. Accounts not auto-consolidated will go to consolidated revenue until validly claimed. These changes may have implications for seasonal and other irregular workers. You will be able to inform your fund that whilst you are not making contributions you wish your monies to remain in your fund. You can currently seek to consolidate your super, for more information click here. The measure starts 1 July 2019.

Stars Of The Moment

Food & Beverage - Connor Shields

Connor has continued to shine since joining the Alseasons team back in November. He receives nothing but fantastic feedback from our clients. He is reliable, flexible and continues to be requested again and again by our amazing clients. Keep up the great work Connor! 200 rewards points

Chefs - Audrey Rees

Audrey first joined Alseasons back in 2003, and has continued to come back to work with us over the years. She is a client favourite and loved by colleagues, clients and their residents. Audrey always receives great feedback. 200 rewards points

Kitchen Staff - Mahabub (Ash) Islam

Ash joined the Alseasons team back in September. He is extremely helpful, always willing to help us out with last minute bookings, he travels all across Sydney for our clients and he is always a pleasure to talk to. Keep up the fantastic work Ash! 200 rewards points

Alseasons TV Star

Our lovely Daniela Torres Chaltein De Almeida was spotted on this season of My Kitchen Rules, serving up some amazing dishes to the MKR judges. Great work Daniela, looking beautiful as always and proudly representing Alseasons.

Special Mention - John Chapman

John first joined Alseasons in 1990! One of our longest standing chefs. He has well and truly deserved to put his feet up and enjoy his retirement. John has won many awards through the Alseason’s awards program and was recognised in the 2010 Hall of Fame. John has a passion for woodwork and makes the most amazing plates and bowls. Client truly appreciated his dedication and hard work. He will be truly missed by all in the office and a hard act to follow.

Julia Stratton

Julia celebrated her 1st Year Work Anniversary in Alseasons' management team on 15th May. She is a fantastic team member, hard working and skilled at filling bookings. Julia is super bubbly and always has a smile on her face.

“I changed my career over a year ago which I was nervous about (from using a piping bag to using a computer everyday) but I feel I have made the right move. From the first moment I walked through the office door for my interview I felt right at home here in Alseasons. The whole team have made me feel so welcomed. From working as a pastry chef in some of the most prestigious restaurants the pressure is always intense but working in a casual staffing agency the pressure is just as intense! I love working in a supportive environment here in the office. I enjoy still being involved in hospitality and speaking with both clients and staff everyday”.


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