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Panorama Alseasons Dec 2021

Great teams need great backup


There's nothing like experience when it comes to staffing.

And not just with the team 'at the coalface', but also with the people who source, select, induct, coordinate and manage the team. 

It takes qualified chefs wth solid industry experience to understand kitchen staff, 

just as it takes experienced front of house managers to oversee and coordinate 

food & beverage service staff.

Our core management team at Alseasons have the qualifications and experience

Audrey Wynn


Managing Director.

Born London,  moved downunder in the 1970's 

Few people have more intense industry experience- 40 years with serious qualifications. Qualified Chef, Caterer, F&B Manager, Recruiter, Consultant and Adviser to recruitment industry bodies. 

Passions: runs, skis, cooks, drives car, everything with a vengeance. 


I see effective recruitment as a combination of skills, of recognising needs and having good instincts. Knowing the market and evaluating rather than justifying. Attention to detail, striving to exceed expectations. I get great satisfaction from that particular moment when a client relaxes, leaves it all to me. Clients trust me, they rely on my intuition. I've been known to target potential candidates for a position before my client has finished describing it.


I'm an anticipator. You won't have to say it twice. You may not even have to say it once. I hear what people say and often what they don't say. I know the hospitality industry and I know how to recruit. I've been putting both together for years and I continually rewrite the manual. My strong suit? Fostering team spirit, enthusiasm and commitment in my people. 


My mission? To lift the practice of hospitality recruitment to higher ground.

Paul Austin



Born, bred in Australia

A hospitality career starting at floor level and training in hotel operations in 1969 overlapping 40 years in hotel management and recruitment as a manager and director of Alseasons. 

Loves Family, travel, skiing and golf. 


"The important things, the really great things in business always matter. Honesty. Dedication. Knowing the market. Doing the homework. Following through. These are the classics. 


I work hard to communicate our aims and passions to our clients and staff. My business philosophy is based on accountability and the performance tracking system we've designed tells everyone in our organisation just how we're doing. The good news and the not-so-good. Right away, every time. I believe in working on it rather than in it so I'm rarely on the phones but our systems and reputation reflect the results.

Rhondda Everingham


Talent Acquisition & HR

Extensive experience in Café and Restaurant Mangement has led to Hospitality recruitment.


I love working in a team environment and here at Alseasons this is taken to a totally new level. Everyone in the office comes in each day with the same goal, to get the job done right, first time every time, helping each other out along the way.


I'm a perfectionist by nature, I take great pride in finding the prefect fit for both our clients and staff. For me this comes for developing an in depth understanding of the needs of both parties. 

Loves cooking with/and a fine glass of red.




Staffing Co-Ordinator and Payroll

Qualified Pastry Chef with over 18 years experience cooking and working in Fine Dining Restaurants, Hotels, Boutique and Wholesale Patisseries.

Working at Alseasons has given me the opportunity to stay involved in hospitality and I love being able to support our clients with their staffing needs.

I love the beach, relaxing with some good cheese and wine and I am a passionate Freo Dockers supporter.

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